John the Ripper

The popular tools used for brute-force attacks include:



Rainbow Crack is one of the most efficient brute-force attack tools. It is used for cracking hashed passwords by minimizing the time to match the predetermined passwords and the password. This tool uses a rainbow chart, which contains reverse hash values for passwords. The tool will only have to compute the hash value of a password at each attack by referring to the chart. These rainbow charts have been previously generated by many companies. They are available on the internet. The major disadvantage of Rainbow Crack is that the table consumes a lot of storage space.


Aircrack-ng is a wireless password cracking tool, which is free. The tool uses a dictionary attack to guess passwords against a wireless connection. The success of this tool is dependent on the dictionary in use. The tool is compatible with the popular operating systems that include Windows, Android, iOS and Linux.

John the Ripper

John the Ripper

This tool is by far the most used tool for a brute-force attack. The tool was designed for Unix Systems. However, of late the tool can be used for password cracking in other platforms including Windows and Linux among others. It functions by matching text and numerical patterns. It is also helpful in encrypted passwords as it can establish hashes for such passwords.


Brute-force attacks are also convenient in determining the strength of passwords. A password that takes less time to crack is weak. The tools discussed in this article have proven to be the best tools for brute-force attacks. Next time you want to crack a password try one of the tools discussed. You can use it to determine how safe your accounts are and get strong passwords on time. Go on and enjoy using the tools.



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