How to Survive in IT-Industry

Basically we have two types of options

  • Service Based.
  • Product Based.

Service based

We have many types of services in industry. We are here to help you in respected domains.


This the core and heart of the IT-Industry this what they call INFRA where every host’s (System) is created which means they create some memory & ram in cloud to run our application  list of the things they create

  • Servers in cloud
  • Data transfer systems
  • Automations of running host in cloud
  • Domain Names
  • Storage
  • Auto scaling (To Bring up server’s automatically without any man presence)
  • Scripting like Linux scripting,Power shell,python .,
  • These People Create the Environments to host the applications like



                                                               UAT-Manager level accepts


     We will be Discussing the above Environments in our upcoming posts.

   Basically Salaries gonna be initially be good and we can explore the real-world concepts. But Pricing for the certifications will be high we can have a life up-to 20+ years.

Some leading Cloud Companies running now in industry

  • AWS (Amazon Web services) Ruling industry from past 10+ years
  • Google cloud (Best competitor for AWS)
  • Azure a Microsoft Product Another Competitor for AWS

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