Manual Testing

Testing is one of the step in the software development life cycle(SDLC)

There are 5 models of SDLC they are

       1.Waterfall Model

2.Spiral model

        3.Prototype Model

                                        4.Verification and Validation mode

continue   5.Hybrid model

Note: Below is the basic model of SDLC.



Types of Testing:There are three types of testing

  1. White box testing– It is done by developer in it the developer test each and every line                                       of code.
  2. Black box testing– It is done by the Test Engineer by checking the functionalities of                                          an application.
  3. Grey  box testing – It is the combination of white box and black box Testing and                                                 generally done by a person who has knowledge on testing and                                               coding.

Manual Testing:

Definition: Checking the functionality of application according to the customer requirements.

There are different types of testing in manual testing but we mainly do

  1. Functional Testing – checking each and every component of a module of the                                                           application.1
  2. Integration Testing– Checking the data flow between two dependent modules. What-is-IntegrationTesting
  3. System Testing  – Checking complete end to end flow of an application.
  4. User acceptance Testing– It is done by the customer before accepting the product.It                                                           is done for customer satisfaction.
  5. Smoke Testing– Checking the basic and critical features of an application. It is done                                         after the application is ready. It is the first testing done by the Test                                           Engineer to check whether the application is testable are not.
  6. Adhoc Testing– It is process of testing the application without following any rules.It                                          is done because some customer don’t know how to use the                                                          application they used in random way. It is done when there is a time for                                testing it is not a mandatory testing


Testing is done after coding is completed. Once the code is done it indicates the business logic or code is completed. To make test engineer to test the application we need to convert the code into application. The process of converting code in to application is called “Build process”.


In a company they maintain 3 types of server one for test engineer,  second for developer and third one is Staging server.

  • Test Engineer test the application in the test server.
  • Developer write the code and change the code in developer server.
  • If any bugs will come the developer need to check the bug in test server only.
  • Staging server is similar to Production server with respect to hardware and software configuration in other words Staging server is a mirror image of Production server.
  • Production server is a server where the application is deployed live i.e., where end users will access the application.

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